The start.

These are some things that I am working on, thoughtfully and thoroughly.

It is a wish to see forward change that is positive and worthwhile.  If only we could give out funds unencumbered with our hopes and dreams, but, it seems that they always find themselves heavy with wishes. We can hope that when they land in the hands of those who would use them our positivity will help projects take wing.


What I'm Thinking.

How do you give dignity?

How do you give access?

How do you help in a way that it is accepted or even wanted?

How do you stop harmful cycles?

How do you help kids believe that it is not their fault?

What has the most effect?


When funds are given out these questions are always being asked. We can never be blithe but we must always be hopeful.  We can never have happiness blinders on and must always be aware of the REAL and lasting effect our contributions have on the world.